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Who we are ?

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Children’s help and helpage foundation India is a secular, non-governmental and non-profit organization. We are an independent registered under the Societies’ Registration Act of 1950. working for the holistic development of neglected and needy children. Growing up in poverty, kids face tough challenges: hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, gang violence, social discrimination and isolation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Together, we can transform the lives of children in poverty. It starts right here, right now when you help a child. We focus on the basics such as education, health, food and shelter. Our approach is holistic and our style hands on. We are on the ground, where it matters most for the child. We enable both families and communities

We have several grass roots initiatives the organization works for olders also ‘the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons to improve their quality of life’ HelpAge envisions a society where elderly have the right to an active, healthy and dignified life. Currently there are a projected 138 million elderly in India. HelpAge India voices their concerns, so they can lead secure & dignified lives. It works through 26 State Offices across India, runs numerous programs on-ground, addressing elder needs and advocating for their rights, such as their right to Universal Pension, quality Healthcare, action against Elder Abuse and many more at a national, state and societal level with Central and State governments. It advocates for elder friendly policies and their implementation thereof.

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We provide free medical aid to the children with special focus on physically challenged kids.As a person ages, dependence comes with it, a need of being cared for, looked after and especially companionship becomes the core need of that hour. No on in this fast world has the time and patience to spend with the old and aging population and looking after their requirements day and night, so we fulfill these needs.

Children’s help and helpage foundation is a team from various fields each with a track record of success, sharing regard and concern for the old age people and child. Most old people have to face loneliness because of the fast moving life of their childrens.

They are university professors, writers, judges, professionals all who sincerely feel for the cause. Children’s help and helpage foundation seeks to reach out to larger audience of older persons and act as a catalyst of change in bridging the gap between generations and ensuring respectful and comfortable life for old age people. Children’s help and helpage foundation interacts with childs and older persons at all levels family and community. Her vision is to be there for every suffering human being and try to help each one and every one in the smallest possible way..

Plan works in 15 states in India and has directly impacted the lives of more than a million children and their families. Plan Cameroon’s programs support around 18,00 children. Our core areas of activity include:

  • 1. Maharashtra
  • 2. Rajasthan
  • 3. Bihar
  • 4. Delhi
  • 5. Andhra Pradesh
  • 6. Jharkhand
  • 7. Orissa
  • 8. Uttrakhand
  • 9. Uttar Pradesh
  • 10. Uttarkashi
  • 11. Karnataka
  • 12. Tamil Nadu
  • 13. Assam
  • 14. West Bengal
  • 15. Telangana
Our Vission
  • Our Vision is to solve the issues of childrens who are underprivilidged or poor.
  • Our Vision is to educate all the child who are underprivilidged or poor.
  • Our Vision is to provide food to all the child who are underprivilidged or poor.
  • Our Vision is to provide Medical Care to all the child who are underprivilidged or poor.
  • Our Vision is to provide Protection to all the child who are victim of Child Labour.
  • Our Vision is to provide shelter to all the child who are living on the street due to their poor condition.
  • Our Vision is to post detect all the child related health care issues in a child and take active measure to correct them in time.
  • Our Vision is to protect children from human trafficking.
  • Our Vision is to Provide, Protect and Care to all the child who are underprivilidged or poor.
  • Our Vision to Provide, shelter for old people and basic needs for child
Our Mission
  • To work towards creating a better India which provides basic health, education and empowerment to every citizen
  • To be a Knowledge/ Execution Partner of Schools, NGOs, Corporate, and Government agencies for development programmes across India.
  • Building capacity of education NGOs to achieve sustainability & scalability, thereby enabling delivery of quality education.
  • A nation where every child and old age people get their rights andstay protected.