pan no:- AACTC9927G

80G Number:- AACTC9927GF2022801.

Trust no:- AAXCA6387N

Our Board Members

Mr. Ashwin Ashok Patne


Mr. Ashwin Ashok Patne Chairman of Children’s help and helpage foundation,Having worked as management and project coordinator of Children’s help and helpage foundation specifically with the care and support centre for senior citizens, Heart – to – Heart project, and the health services, the hospital on wheels for street children’s project. Having qualified with a Masters in Social Work.He is a sincere & dedicated social worker with the heart of gold. He has an unending reserve of energy & enthusiasm. When it comes to looking after the needs of poor & deserving patients in hospital, he is extremely enterprising & innovative & finds solutions to difficult problems & situations very easily

Miss. Shravni Swapnil Kharade


Miss Shravni Swapnil Kharade, CEO and founder of Children’s Help and HelpAge Foundation, has a background rooted in social work and a deep-seated helping nature, inherited from her family. She holds a B.Com degree from SNDT College (Wadala) and has also earned a diploma in Interior Design. The influence of her father, who has been her idol since childhood, inspired her to follow in his footsteps. Today, with the support of her family and friends, Miss Shravni Swapnil Kharade plays a crucial role in the Children’s Help and HelpAge Foundation.