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C.H.A.H.F. @ Hungry Mitao

At Children's help and helpage Foundation, we are driven by a deep commitment to social welfare and community well-being. Our latest initiative reflects this commitment – a heartfelt campaign addressing the needs of economically challenged families and individuals facing extensive travels for medical treatments. We are proud to announce that we are providing a dedicated food distribution program. Understanding the struggles of families compelled to journey great distances for their loved ones' healthcare needs, our mission is clear – to be a beacon of hope and support for families enduring financial strain during extended stays at renowned medical facilities such as Indira Gandhi Children Hospital, Kem Hospital, and Wadia Hospital. Operating from Monday to Saturday, our comprehensive food distribution camp ensures that families in need receive nourishing meals twice a day. In acknowledgment of the formidable challenges faced by these families – grappling not only with health concerns but also with the financial burden of sustenance during prolonged hospital stays – Children's help and helpage Foundation strategically places its food distribution camps within the premises of major hospitals. We are providing a source of convenience and relief to families in distress. By collaborating with esteemed medical institutions, including Indira Gandhi Children Hospital, Kem Hospital, and Wadia Hospital, we are proud to announce that we are making a meaningful impact on the lives of those already navigating the complexities of medical expenses. Our daily provision of wholesome meals seeks to alleviate the burdens faced by these families, allowing them to focus on the recovery of their loved ones without the added worry of sourcing sustenance. We invite individuals, corporations, and philanthropic entities to join hands with us in this compassionate endeavor. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of those facing adversity, building a community that genuinely cares for its most vulnerable members.

Approximately 150 million people face the harsh reality of going to bed hungry each night, resulting in over 9 million deaths annually due to hunger and starvation. Homeless individuals, with their uncertain access to meals, are especially vulnerable. Your small, meaningful contribution from your income can help fight hunger and provide vital sustenance to those in need, particularly the homeless. With your support, we can make a significant impact by ensuring that no one has to endure the pangs of hunger. In gratitude for your compassion, we'll share a photo of the homeless person whose life you've touched. Together, we can work towards a world where hunger is a thing of the past.

Join our "One Meal, One Time" campaign, where your support ensures a single nourishing meal for those in need. With options from ₹1000 for 25 meals to ₹12,000 for 300 meals, your contribution makes a meaningful difference in addressing hunger. Be part of this impactful initiative and help us provide sustenance to those facing challenges.

Hunger is an avoidable suffering. We are doing what it takes, to eliminate it. One full stomach at a time.