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Blanket Donation

Blanket Donation

Blankets of Warmth, Hearts of Hope: Chah Foundation Spreading Comfort, One Blanket at a Time!

Blanket Donation
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Blanket Donation

Why Blanket Donations Matter?

In the chill of winter, warmth becomes a luxury for many living on the streets, in slums, and underprivileged areas. At Chah Foundation, we recognize the dire need for comfort during cold nights. That's why we're committed to spreading warmth and compassion through blanket donations.

What We Do?

In places like Khoper Khirane, Bhandup, Nahur, Sion, Dharavi, and other slum areas, we extend our hands to those most vulnerable:
Blanket Distribution: During the harsh winter months, we provide blankets to those who sleep on the streets, homeless individuals, and impoverished families, ensuring they have a shield against the biting cold.

Homeless children living on the streets of India face a grim future. Begging and scavenging for food are often their only means of survival. Empowering these children with education can transform their outlook on life, offering them an opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Give these underprivileged children a chance to thrive by providing them with an education.