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Rakshabandhan Celebration

Rakshabandhan Celebration

Threads of Love, Bonds for Life - Celebrate Raksha Bandhan!

Rakshabandhan Celebration
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Rakshabandhan Celebration
Why Raksha Bandhan?

The Raksha Bandhan is a timeless Indian festival that celebrates the bond of protection and care between siblings. It symbolizes the promise of a brother to protect his sister, and in return, the sister prays for her bother's well-being.

Chah Foundation’s Celebration

The Chah Foundation celebrates Rakshabandhan with traditional rituals like the Rakhi tying ceremony, applying tilak, and exchanging sweets. They may organize cultural programs and community outreach, spreading the festival's message of love and protection. Activities promoting sibling bonding and understanding are likely arranged. Additionally, the foundation might initiate charitable projects supporting underprivileged families, emphasizing the welfare of sisters. Through these efforts, they aim to reinforce the bonds of love, protection, and solidarity within the community, embodying the spirit of Rakshabandhan in their celebrations.